Nqabelo K. (23)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Dell Core i7
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: College
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Location: Johannesburg
My name is Nqabelo khumalo. A boy aged 21years old. I had a fair upbringing despite the difficulties of surviving. I was born and raised by a single parent, not just as the only child but have a sibling. My mother having piece jobs here n there and not remembering even once when she had a permanent job just to earn a living .Thus it affected us a lot, the little money she got has been always to secure a roof for us and what we eat is by God's grace. I attended my schooling at Newtown NewNation Secondary, I had to walk everyday to and from school because we couldnt afford an extra for my transport fee and lunch is a luxury that never crossed my mind even a single day. I remember walk from braamfontein to Newtown wasn't an easy one, I would get to school a bit late and tired. And on my way to school would get to passby these junky guys who used to search my bag then kick and beat me for finding nothing to take in my bag and at times they got frustrated and tear off my books saying I'm a useless boy. But because it became a routine to passby everyday, they got used to me and stoped torturing after they had noticed I have nothing to offer. At school I will be having no homework to offer because books would have been thrown away and teared off and at times simply had no homework because I used to get home tired and late then end up failing to study at home. Although effort was made but circumstances overcame my determination for studying. I wrote my Matric last year and results weren't so good at all. So now for me to b able to earn a living and depend on my self I'm still trying harder to persue studying for what I might be talented in to be able to survive and my family. I am now studying at Believers Care Society BCS Academy for graphic design. Thank God the college also gave me a second chance to make it in life, and a second chance to study for free which I'm greatfull for the opportunity. Your help to provide me with this laptop will b very helpful and a life time saver to secure an opportunity to become the greater graphic designer that would lead me to improve my family and I standard of living.