Sinenhlanhla H. (0)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand Any model
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: University
Location: Durban - eThekwini
Hi My name is Sinenhlanhla Hadebe, I'm 28 years of age and currently a single mother of 2. I am studying at UNISA, doing a Higher Certificate in Education and next year I wish to pursue a Degree in Education, majoring in Mathematics and English. I would really like you to help me with a laptop, getting a computer of my own would be a dream come true and it would really help me academically. I am a single mother who is currently unemployed and live off social grant while I rent a room for me and my kids to live in. I have no back up or parents to fall back on. We are a family of our own, the kids and I. This laptop would really help me do and submit my Assignments on time while I look for a job to support my small family. Please I beg you, if there is anyone out there with a device they don't use, no matter the model or features, I'm not picky, so long it is working. I would really really appreciate it. My goal is to complete my Higher Certificate and do a TEFL Certificate online so that I can tutor English and make an income. Without a laptop I can't do all this. Sometimes I would be in an internet cafe for hours trying to complete an Assignment with money I don't even have, sometimes I would go to a shopping mall to look to free WiFi so that I could connect my phone and do job applications and it is really really hard for me. Distance learning requires alot of time and computer usage and because I don't have one, this is impacting me negatively. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, I am desperate and the money i get monthly isn't enough to cover our expenses, let alone buy me a laptop. This could change my life and my kids lives. Please help. Thank you in advance.