Gwendeline R. (30)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Acer Celeron N3060
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: College
Academic Institution: Boston City Campus & Business College
Location: Bloemfontein - Mangaung
Good day, I am studying towards a qualification in Systems Development and I am in my 3rd year. I had to take a break between my studies in 2019/2020 due to financial reasons though luckily this year I was granted funding for my tuition. Having access to a computer is a prerequisite to my course and unfortunately at this moment I do not have the means to purchase one. Although I work odd jobs when available I cannot sum up the funds for a good and strong PC or even my tuition. With this laptop I will be able to complete my assignments with more ease (as I have been using my cell phone, and drawing diagrams is much harder on a phone). I will be able to use TestOut to practice for my exams, which is not available via mobile. I will also be able to watch lecture videos and do research. Besides my studies, this laptop would allow me to search for employment and possibly be able to work from home as well. I have not received my student ID card from my college yet, though you can verify that I am a student at Boston City Campus & Business College. My student number is 9005613. I would be grateful to be a recipient of a laptop from you. Kind regards, Gwendeline Ramokopeloa