Fanelesibonge N. (26)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand VSP notebook
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: College
Charity or Youth Enabler: Harambee
Academic Institution: Ekurhuleni East tvet college
Location: Johannesburg
I am a lady of 23 years I am in need of a laptop since i am coming from a very poor family I lost my dad in 2003 and I've never met my mother ever since I was born she left me When I was 2 months old at my father's home. I was then raised by my grandmother who is also a pensioner we are 6 who are relying on her grant. I am the only one who is at the tertiary level I get support there and there on my stepmother. I would like you to help me get a free laptop since I can't afford one and I really need it since this Covid 19 is making our lives miserable I have to submit my assignments online and search more information to get good marks at the same time I don't own a very good cellphone please assist me get a laptop. Thank you