Vuyo N. (41)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand Any
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Charity work
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Location: Johannesburg
My name is Vuyo “Lassie” Ndalela I’m from Lorentzville Johannesburg. I am a ECD practitioner and an active community Liaise I’m also involved in a number of community projects currently: Food Aid, I’m part of safe study for kids, helping with recycling, manage and coordinate soup kitchen every Tuesdays, helping with virtual learning for Parents to help their kids with home based education. I’m also a passionate performer and I also shoot edit videos to help spread our work and fundraise I currently use somebody’s PC , which help with the database virtual learning and video information used by our fundraising to show our donors what we are doing so they can raise money to help with food aid since we are in this pandemic. It’s difficult to make reports since I’m the volunteers coordinator, and I also help out with making volunteers schedules. If I were to get my own pc it will make it easy for me to upload all the Learning visuals on time. I can write and submit my weekly report on time and update the volunteer’s schedules plus prepare our safe study materials. I’m planning to collect a proper dater base and help spread all the positive things which are happening in my community A computer can really help me to further help my community.