Silindokuhle T. (22)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand Any model
Gadget Type: Smartphone
Use it For: University
Charity or Youth Enabler: One SA
Location: Port Elizabeth - Nelson Mandela Bay
I'm grown up in a small village with my mother and grandmother. My mother is visually impaired so she can't get a job. My grandmother is receiving old age social grant, but it is not enough to buy me a gadget because it is the only income that we have at home. I'm the first child at home to go to university and my family is looking up for me to finish my studies. It's been hard for me to learn at home because my cellphone is is the oldest version so it can't install some important big apps for my studying. Receiving a gadget will be my the greatest memory at all times for me, and in return I will donate it again when I have money to buy a another one. I'll also donate as much as I can when I'm advantaged in terms of finance. My academic record will improve higher if I can receive a gadget. And to the children that want to be successful out there, I must say to them “Don't let your past to determine your future".