Alda d. (954)
BEE Classification: White
Gadget: Apple Iphone
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Entrepreneurial
Location: Cape Town
With the world changing the need for using technology to access opportunities grows. My current technology include and old desktop pc with windows 7 and a second hand iphone 5 with zero battery life. As a creative i develop workshops and create items from up-cycled materials that i teach to others to use to make an income. I work with NGOs to help them create creative spaces with an art therapy ethos. The money earned doing this work does not allow me new technology and with the need to do more work online i need a reliable tool to work with. I love my iphone as it allows me good photo quality / massive amount of storage and access to a multitude of apps. A second hand phone with a good battery would make the world of difference. To move some of my training and earning online - an easy to transport laptop would be a great blessing. It would allow me an up to date tool to draft funding proposals and compile reports / draft workshop manuals and to manage an active fundraising platform.