Miche J. (21)Verified
BEE Classification: Coloured
Gadget: Any Brand 1234
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: School (Gr 11 or Matric)
Charity or Youth Enabler: One SA
Academic Institution: Steenberg Secondary School
Location: Cape Town
Life is generally hard for everyone. I don't have a great sad story to tell. I have been through things and been in situations where i never thought i would make it out. Just like sometimes i feel like i'll never make it out of this place. I hate living in the ghetto. It limits my life and the way i think. Getting this laptop would help me in so many ways. I wouldn't have to be a burden unto others when i have projects. I generally don't like having to ask people for anything. So this is a great thing for me. THANK YOU for considering me. God bless you.