Temsen T. (27)Verified
BEE Classification: Coloured
Gadget: any model
Gadget Type: Desktop Computer
Use it For: University
Charity or Youth Enabler: One SA
Academic Institution: CPUT
Location: Cape Town
My name is Temsen Toll I am a second-year Bachelor in Education student at the Cape Penninsula University of Technology and I live in Mitchells Plain. I am very hardworking, I passed all my modules and had 4 distinctions. My academic goal for this year is to pass even greater than last year. This season has been the hardest for me and I am 100 percent sure that it is for many people. In this time I had to take care of my mother, sister because both of them were infected with the virus, but thanks to God both of them survived the coronavirus. I am excited to start online learning in a stress-free environment knowing that my family is safe. The only worry that I currently have is the fact that my laptop is broken in a time that I need it the most. On 1st June we will start online classes and I have no idea how I am going to do it. I need a laptop to complete my assignments and attend classes so I kindly ask for help. I would love to complete my second year of studies. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and to stand a chance to receive a laptop. Kind Regards