Delivery Options:
PicknPay Amarex :

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How do I upload a gadget?

Sign up on WantedTech as a Donor with your email username and password.

Click on “Give a Gadget” and follow instructions...
Add Photograph (of actual gadget) - please no stock photos. You can access your photo library or take one on your phone.

Clearly describe the Gadget Type, Gadget Brand, Model, Year. Add a detailed description with important like Storage capacity (265GB - HDD); Processor (i5Core) ; RAM size (i.e. 4mb RAM), accessories, screen size (13" or 15.6") and ports (2 x USB 2.0 port)

NEXT ...
Click on "Browse Recipients"
Choose based on your criteria “Use it for” or “Geo location” or “Charity link”.
Click on DONATE...
The recipient will accept via SMS or email.
Exit from all cloud services (MS Cloud, I Cloud & Google)
Clear or Zero Laptop
Restore to Factory settings

Can I load more than one gadget?

Yes, with pleasure!
Check suitability before donating:
* Do you have full access to the laptop or gadget (username & password)?
* Do you have a charging cable for the gadget ?
* Is the gadget working well enough to donate to a student or scholar ?
* Can the gadget easily access the internet using WIFI ?
Every gadget loaded gives digital hope to our recipients.

How do I clear my gadget?

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How do I deliver my gadget?

Delivery Options for WantedTech:

PEP store drop off and collection has proved to be reliable. Recipient identifies the closes PEP store for collection, Donor drops off at PEP store with collectors name and ID, SMS is received when package is collected.

For Delivery to Home or Business address:
Check address using Google maps before selecting home or business delivery. Confirm agreed delivery time

Door to Door
Picup - on demand national delivery
(Note: use Picup maps to check that the delivery address is findable!)

Store to Door
* Amarex - PicknPay outlets
(Note: parcel size must fit in Amarex envelope & box)

* DSV Locker - Engen
(Note: DSV provide a box with delivery service)

T: 0860 767 8638

T: 0860 345 000 or +27-11-921 3600

Can I apply for more than one gadget?

No - please choose only one gadget that you would really like to get! No promises.
Once you have accepted a donated gadget, there will be a one year waiting period before you can request another gadget.
This is to ensure everyone who needs a gadget has a fair chance to receive one.

What do I need to do after I choose a recipient?

The recipient will accept via SMS or email.
Next you will need to clear your device and consider your delivery options.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at