xoalni M. (23)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Apple iphone 7 (2020)
Gadget Type: Smartphone
Use it For: College
Charity or Youth Enabler: Sabrina Love
Location: Johannesburg
I feel comfortable processing several challenging things at one time. This ability helps me to be successful in study and acquire extra-curricular knowledge. In order to better understand optical effects observed in my experimental thesis work, I decided to broaden my knowledge related to the studied problem. Hence I devoted my spare time for mastering new-to-me discipline: numerical methods for simulation of amplification and decay of holographic gratings in photopolymers. In order to grasp this knowledge I participated in another research group of my Department led by Professor Veniaminov who specialises on slow diffusion processes. Familiarising myself with his research, solving proposed computational tasks, I achieved a dipper insight into phenomenon investigated in my experimental activity. I think that this experience proves my ability to organize work effectively and achieve goals pursuing clear vision of final result. I like to work in team and possess friendly attitude towards colleagues and mentors. I always try to deal with challenging organisational tasks because it helps me to train communicational skills and better understand people around. Thus, I received great pleasure working with high school students last summer when I assisted their laboratory classes and led an excursions for them around labs and experimental facilities of our Department. During my internship I was involved in various extra activities and obtained such useful skills as conducting a patent search and writing applications for research grants. Among activities beyond University campus I want to mention my energetic participation in life of a local English Debating Club and my favorite hobby, which is mountaineering and long-distance walking treks. Through this experience I strengthened my organizational capacity because several times I was responsible for planning of a route for a group.