Fatima V. (36)
BEE Classification: Asian
Gadget: HP Any Model
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: School (Gr 11 or Matric)
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Location: Johannesburg
I am a 35 year old adult female who has worked at a religious institution in my community, Pageview 2092, teaching underprivileged children, whilst being paid a pittance by the community. I have managed to save a meagre amount monthly for three years, till it tallied to my online College fee (R12 000) - I am currently enrolled at College SA to complete my Adult Matric - I do not have sufficient funds for a laptop which I intend using to not only complete my Adult Matric course, but also to achieve a B'Ed degree. Please assist me. I promise to repay the kindness shown to me if I am able to attain monetary success after and because of my studies. My thanks in advance.