Lungile N. (49)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Apple Mac book pro
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Charity work
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Location: Johannesburg
We are a Safe Study Enriched After School Program based in Victoria Yards in the Valley Johannesburg, South Africa. Our program combines Art Enrichment, Academic Support and Mental Wellness into one educational experience for children and young people. Safe Study is a Not-for-Profit Organization with a mission to build better and stronger bridges in strengthening support and resources to quality and equitable education by creating safe enriched education spaces for children and young people in South Africa. We serve a low-income and at-risk of inequality education from quintile 1-3 (representing the poorest schools). While we have already strengthened the levels of social cohesion for children and young people through capacity-building initiatives with our solution-based programs. Our guided holistic learning outcomes enable them to be self-reliant and independent citizens, by exposing them to excellent platforms to experience new ways of learning for global literacy. Our programs offer expanding and enhancing learning opportunities by providing Safer Spaces that add value in attending school. We are fortunate to be based in Victoria Yards which is a creative hub in Johannesburg, we get to expose them to artists and craftsmen by engaging them in the artistic process and creativity from an early age. We still have a lot to accomplish by establishing a permanent fully equipped space with a library, computers/laptops to catalyze change by bridging the digital divide Covid-19 has brought. We are also in need of materials for programs that we run every Saturday. Our programs involve Academic Support in English, Maths, Homework and Creative reading and writing. Our Goal-Oriented programs involve Visual Arts, Drama Performance Theatre, Clay Bonding @ Ceramics, Dance/Movement and Physical Education (Roller-skating and Skateboarding), Music @ Trumpet and Piano, Chess, Upcycling Plastic Waste (we create toys, bags and schools files) We also run psycho-social support programs for Mental Health @ Meditation and Mindfulness for our children and young people to be Well and Woke. We have a Zero Hunger Campaign as part of our Food and Nutrition program with the aim to promote food security and sustainability by combating hunger in our community. We have created a good relationship with SA Harvest who does food rescuing, they supply us with surplus food that we cook with our children's mothers as part of our Anti-Poverty Initiative. Our organization is in need of a Mac Book and iPhone for fundraising