Warren M. (54)
BEE Classification: Coloured
Gadget: HP CPU Compressor
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Entrepreneurial
Charity or Youth Enabler: One SA
Location: Cape Town
I was retrenched from an English Online Centre in 2018, and in addition to that my mother got ill, and I had to take care of her as she has dementia. Most of my income went towards the household ad my parents are Sassa recipients. I have an opportunity to teach from home as an English Online Teacher and teach TEFL from home, however, I have exhausted all avenues by approaching NGO's and Churches to assist me get the relevant equipment. I am appealing if you able to please assist me as I havent got the finsnces to buy a gig ram laptop, a HD Camera to ensure video quality while teaching, a 100% cancellation noise headset with a microphone, a wifi router. Please, it seems that I am asking a lot, and I am embarrassed , but I have applied for different vacancies, too without any success. When I got retrenched, I was unable to settle some debt which I incurred while I worked, consequently, employers, and Covid19 has excluded me from earning a salary and to assist my parents. My contact no is 0726494369 Yours Faithfully Warren Stephen Marney