Nkosivile M. (24)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Lenovo Core i3
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: College
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Academic Institution: Atvance Academy
Location: Cape Town
Good day My name is Nkosivile Mafilika and I finished school(matric) last year 2019. I'm doing my first year at Atvance Academy studying Information Technology(IT). On the 16th/07/2020 when I woke up I thought of my future in a unusual way or I'd say in a weird way. Out of this thinking I realised that I am stuck and I won't be able to complete my journey of success in time. Whats really blocking me from moving forward it's a Personal Computer(PC). Well that does not destroy the dream and plans that I have, except it's blocking my way of moving forward. Why do I say its blocking my of moving forward! It's simply because I have certain goals to achieve that I've set for myself, the only way to move forward requires me to have a PC. The love and passion I have for CODING is out of this planet. I love Java in coding and I would love to create my own Application using JavaScript (programming language). I've managed to get a contact of a young lady she stays in New York she has worked over 10 years with technology. She graduated from MIT,worked in a lot of sectors doing programming, machine learning and recommendation system. She offers lessons through ZOOM meetings and I'd love to take part in those meetings. She also recommended me to do some coding on freecodecamp.org. The thought of my dreams vanishing just because I don't have a PC its so heartbreaking. Mostly some of the matriculants of 2020 have been asking me to help them to apply in various higher education institutions and I wasn't able to help them. If I could get a PC I'd be able to help those who need my help because I love helping where I can. I would be very delighted if my motivation within this program would be considered, as it would also help me to expand,and will also encourage me in making a difference within my community