Lenin K. (25)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand Notebook
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: University
Location: Johannesburg
I'm currently doing mining engineering (second year), at wits university. From first year till now, although it was essential for me to have a laptop, i was actually doing well without one. But, now i cannot move forward because most of my modules require softwares like Autodesk to create animated simulations to give brief ideas on what is being created. So now i feel like I'm missing out because i don't have a laptop to do these simulations and also learn. The main reason i don't have a laptop or a PC it's because i can't afford it. so far i do not have a bursary or any sponsorship. I did apply for bursaries, unfortunately I'm still waiting for feedback. I mainly need a laptop for school purposes so i can progress forward like other students. It would be of a great pleasure and the biggest help to be able to have a laptop for my second semester.