Rejoice F. (21)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: HP HP Envy x360 13 (2019)
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: School (Gr 11 or Matric)
Academic Institution: St Paul’s High School
Location: Pretoria - Tshwane
It has been very hard and difficult during this time of COVID-19. I have been left behind when coming to online classes from school and tutoring lessons that are held on the Internet. As a Grade-12 learner I have to make sure that I cover all school topics before I write my trial and everything but that has not been the case because I have not been in tact with my schoolwork and lessons from the Internet. I’m not privileged like others and being so has been very hard because I thought this year would be my year of working hard and shaping my future. I want to be able to apply for University institutions so that I can shape my future in a better way and be able to further my studies and remove my mom’s burden of finances. I dream so big for my family and I would like to get help. I see myself helping others like me when I get in a better position. A hand that blesses is a hand that receive. Stay blessed