Asakhe K. (32)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Apple Any model
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Find a job
Charity or Youth Enabler: Harambee
Location: Cape Town
My name is Asakhe Kupa. I am 28 years old turning 29 on the 7th of November. I'm residing from the Eastern Cape but currently stay in Cape Town with my sister. I write this to ask for a donation of a laptop. The one that I was using belonged to my sister and it was old, so it died. I've tried taking it in for repairs but the technician claimed it was damaged, there is no way it can be fixed. My sister was using it back in varsity for her studies. The reason why I'm in need of a laptop is because I need it to search for a job as Iam unemployed. I studied National Diploma in Marketing Management and graduated in 2015. I felt sick for a very long time hence I couldn't look for a job after graduating. During the time my mom was taking care of me as she still does today. I recovered then started looking for a job. It hasn't been easy as I was in the village, so there was no internet and it's very far to town. Ever since then I've been haunting for a job and I've had no luck. I've never worked my entire life. The only source of income I'm receiving is a social grant for my daughter and it's only helping her for her needs. My mom also provide me with money but it's not enough, because she has to take care of my 3 siblings including my daughter and it's a burden for her. She can't afford to buy me a laptop. Having a laptop will help me achieve my goals. One of my goals is to open my own business since I'm unemployed. Print and type Cv's for people and as time goes by I will open my own internet cafe and create more job opportunities for the youth, especially where I come from as we struggle with internet and computers. I'm also planning to go back to school to study another course and I'm planning to study online because I'm planning to work while studying. So since at university you need to have your own laptop to do your assignments, I'm going to need it. It's also going to be beneficial for future work purposes as I have seen on job hunting that some of the jobs requires you to have your own laptop. My family is also going to benefit from it. It also going to help me not to go to internet cafe cause at internet cafe you have to pay for minutes that you are using. I realise that having your own laptop is going to help me not to use lot of money to pay for internet at internet cafe, instead the money is going to help me buy data for internet that I will be using. It will save me lot of money. Thank you for your kindness and the work that you are doing in helping people who are in need. Please continue with the great work that you are doing and be blessed.