Keitumetse S. (21)
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any Brand 2019
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: School (Gr 11 or Matric)
Charity or Youth Enabler: Other
Academic Institution: Glenvista highschool
Location: Johannesburg
I am the founder of an organisation called Dignity love_sa.This org deals specialy with young females trying to find themselves in society, we also give away dignity packs,food and so much more...i am also a newly established blogger writing about issues that we encounter on a day to day basis,political,economic and even social issues.When one is writing about such delicate a profound matters it would be easier to blog from a much more advanced gadget than what I'm currently using.I would also love to use the gadget for my school work,doing an assignment from a cellphone isn't the best at all especially when you consider the fact that laptops have better qualities than a mere Samsung cellphone Getting this gadget would make my life alot easier and so much more efficient because not only will i be able to get intouch with donators for my organisation more easily , i will also be able to blogg with more confidence and do my school assignments with muchmore creativity and enthusiasm.