Albertinah M. (30)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any
Gadget Type: Desktop Computer
Use it For: Entrepreneurial
Charity or Youth Enabler: Harambee
Location: Johannesburg
Good day. Just last week, I had tweeted about the difficulties of returning to work on a Monday only to get retrenched today on Friday. This has left me distraught as I am a single mother of two children and my children solely depend on myself to provide for them. I have since then decided to use my skills and knowledge to start up my own business in the PR and marketing field. The name of my business is called M.A.D, an acronym for my ambitious dream. It is 100% black owned. Alongside that, plant a seed grow a child Foundation working together with M.A.D, is an NGO who's main objective is to inspire young driven black females who come from impoverished backgrounds by assisting in namely; job creation, gender based violence and inequality and social issues such as finding new ways to eradicate poverty and education on HIV/AIds. It is very important for black youth in particular to take up space and cement themselves and also be at the forefront of improving the South African economy . The laptop will aid in drafting up proposals for brands and other businesses I wish to partner with for my business to be a success. Thank you.