Tatum-Leigh T. (24)Verified
BEE Classification: Coloured
Gadget: Lenovo Latest version (2020)
Gadget Type: Laptop
Use it For: Find a job
Charity or Youth Enabler: Harambee
Location: Cape Town
Hi, i am Tatum a young 20 year old women from Lotus River. Few months ago i was at Harambee doing the bridge for a opportunity I was successful on to work at call centre in this time the our country went on lock down and we were instructed to continue our bridge from home it was really a tough time for me as most of the activities or programmers were designed to be used from a computer or laptop. In the time my grand father went to mtn to see if he would qualify for a contract to take a laptop but unfortunately the income was to little as he is a pensionor same as my grand mother. But regardless of it all I pushed threw and worked from my phone as difficult as it was. I would really appreciate receiving a laptop from you as I do not know what might happen in a few months after Harambee let us know what our employees say, My fear is that we might have to work from home again due to the pandemic crisis the world is facing and I am not financially stable to go and buy my own laptop and my grand parents aswell. I would really appreciate it to get the help. Thank you so much, Kind regards.