Thobinceba S. (30)Verified
BEE Classification: Black
Gadget: Any model
Gadget Type: Desktop Computer
Use it For: University
Academic Institution: University of the Western Cape
Location: Cape Town
I am a Masters student at the University of the Western Cape, under the faculty of Arts in the department of Xhosa. My thesis focuses on Translation, and I am translating first year Chemistry video content material from the English language into isiXhosa so as to make that material available to Chemistry students whom are Xhosa first language speakers. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, it has been difficult to continue with my studies since Universities and Libraries are closed. I currently cannot access any literature, since I do not have able gudget to search and organize my thesis. Getting a gudget will enable me to continue working towards the completion of my studies regardless of the world's current situation, thank you.